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Our Epoxy Services

Epoxy flooring is a top choice for showrooms due to its durability, design options, and low maintenance requirements. The high-quality finish of epoxy flooring provides a professional look and feel, while its durability makes it ideal for high-traffic showroom spaces. With a range of color options and finishes, showrooms can create a look that complements their products and enhances the overall aesthetic of the space.

Snapper Epoxy provides top-notch warehouse floor coating solutions to meet the demands of heavy industrial environments. We offer a range of industrial epoxy flooring options to keep your facility looking great and functioning optimally.

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Locker room floors are an important aspect of any athletic or recreational facility. They need to be able to withstand heavy foot traffic, moisture, and frequent cleaning, while also providing a safe and slip-resistant surface. Choosing the right flooring solution for your locker room can ensure long-lasting durability and improved safety for your athletes and patrons.

A well-maintained restaurant floor not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of your establishment, but also enhances the safety of your customers and staff. That’s why choosing the right flooring solution is critical. If you’re looking for a durable, easy to maintain and stylish flooring option, epoxy floor coating might just be the perfect fit for your restaurant.

Custom epoxy flooring in an office offers a range of benefits that can improve the look, feel, and function of the space. Epoxy is a fantastic alternative for busy office settings since it is strong, long-lasting, and simple to maintain. Epoxy flooring is also slip-resistant, guaranteeing a secure working environment for personnel.

Epoxy Coating Near Me

​Unlike other materials, epoxy flooring offers chemical, resistance to motor oil, gear oil, gasoline, acids, and many solvents. Even if vehicle fluids sit on the surface of an epoxy coating for a long period of time they can still be cleaned without a stain in sight. Simply put, epoxy coating is a great solution for your garage no matter what type of vehicle you’re parking or project you’re working on.

Many of our clients in Chesterfield choose to install Snapper Epoxy’s custom epoxy flooring. Unlike traditional basement floor paint, our epoxy floor coatings act as a sealer, helping to prevent lines and cracks from showing up over time. 

At Snapper Epoxy we offer top of the line epoxy patio coatings with a Polyaspartic topcoat to prevent against cracking, peeling and delamination. With our outdoor epoxy flake system your patio will be the best looking and safest epoxy patio in the neighborhood.

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Snapper Epoxy’s custom countertop system is designed to transform your countertop, tabletop or desktop into something new and elegant by coating your existing countertop or pre-built wood countertop. Our epoxy countertop system is leading the charge with its longevity, being scratch tested and high heat tested.

Seamless and waterproof, our epoxy coating makes for an excellent option to line your shower floor. Our epoxy coating is great for creating a variety of beautiful looks. It comes in many different colors and textures. Contrary to what you might assume, it’s not slippery! There are different types of grit you we can add to the solution to create a surface that provides grip.

Epoxy concrete overlays are a cost-effective and efficient solution for updating the look and feel of old or damaged concrete surfaces. Whether you're looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home or commercial space, or improve the durability and functionality of your concrete floors, epoxy concrete overlays are a versatile and practical solution.

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