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Epoxy Garage Flooring

Revamp Your Garage Floors with Chesterfield's Best Floor Coating Service!

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Expert Onsite Consulting in the St. Louis County including Ballwin, Wildwood, Town and Country, Ellisville, Clarkson Valley and Manchester.

Epoxy Garage Flooring Near Me

Snapper Epoxy knows that a decorative epoxy floor coating is more than just good looks. It will also provide a durable, low-maintenance option that will last many years.

With Snapper Epoxy, you can be sure that our skilled technicians will provide the highest quality product with top-tier customer service. With countless options to choose from.

Having years of experience, we understand the importance of having a professionally installed epoxy flooring system not just for aesthetic purposes but also to protect and extend the life of any existing concrete surface, such as your garage floor. 

What Options do we Offer?

Epoxy Chip & Flake Flooring Design or our Metallic Flooring System Design

Epoxy Chip & Flake Coating

Snapper Epoxy’s chip & flake flooring systems combine quality blended vinyl flake with epoxy and polyaspartic coating to create a highly durable and visually pleasing floors. Ideal for all types of environments, epoxy flake floor coatings offer a custom finish that can be designed to suit spaces like garage floors, basement floors, showroom floors and many other applications. Available with either a lightly textured or completely smooth surface, seamless chip applications are easy to clean while offering excellent resistance to abrasion and long-term wear.

Epoxy Metallic Floor Coating

For metallic epoxy flooring, the quality of the finish is largely the result of the installer's artistic ability. In addition, the lighting within the space plays a large roll into the look and visible color spectrum displayed in the coating itself.

Our metallic floor coating systems typically incorporate a dark or black primer to help provide as much contrast as possible within the coat itself. Following the primer, metallic pigments are suspended and given ample opportunity to wet out in a clear binder resin.

Once applied, the metallic epoxy may be modified either mechanically or chemically to create unique decorative effects. Additional colors may also be incorporated to help accent the floor. Once cured, the metallic epoxy coat is sanded and top-coated with one of our performance urethane topcoats. Available in a gloss or satin finish, urethane topcoats provide for a highly durable wear surface and improved traction.

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