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Custom Epoxy and Flooring in Chesterfield MO

Chesterfields #1 Flooring Company

Why Choose Epoxy Custom Flooring for your Commercial or Residential Needs?

There are many benefits associated with using concrete floor epoxies. Here are the top nine:

  • Durability & Resistance

  • Reduces Damage To Machinery

  • Resistant To Chemicals

  • Attractive Floor Surface

  • Safe Working Environment

  • Fast Application

  • East To Clean 

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Cost Effective

"Epoxy flooring is a long-lasting and affordable alternative that comes with a number of advantages when it comes to flooring selections for your house or place of business. Epoxy flooring is an excellent investment since it has a high resilience to abrasion and wear. Epoxy flooring also requires less upkeep and is simple to clean, saving you time and effort. You may alter the way your room looks thanks to the wide range of color choices, giving your house or place of business an added dash of style. Consider epoxy flooring for its sturdiness, simplicity of upkeep, and aesthetic appeal."




& Accountable

About Us

Chesterfields #1 Epoxy and Flooring Company.

Snapper Epoxy and Flooring is a local business based out of Chesterfield  MO, servicing all of St. Louis County including Ballwin, Wildwood, Town and Country, Ellisville, Clarkson Valley and Manchester. Our team of epoxy flooring installers consists of highly experienced staff with years of expertise in the industry. We use top-of-the-line material that is far beyond anything you would self-purchase at a home improvement store like your local Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Within our standard process, we can transform a dull, forgettable floor space into a custom-designed long lasting epoxy finish. We can create the look of your dreams within days! For a free quote feel free to call us today at 314-750-2381 and don't forget to ask about our FREE financing. 

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Our floor looks amazing! Super friendly & fast. This was our first experience with epoxy floors. Very please with results. Great option for people looking for seamless floor options. 

The Caldwells

Ryan and his team did a magnificent job.  They replaced the carpet flooring with beautiful epoxy flooring. No need to look elsewhere. You will not find a better company to get the job done.

Michael & Mary

Snapper Epoxy recently did a two-tone gray metallic finish in my kitchen, living room and both bathrooms. The floors came out beyond my expectations. Ryan and his crew were prompt, clean and extremely professional. This experience was a pleasure and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality work and great customer service.

Chris Parks

What is the best Custom Epoxy Flooring for me?

What is Metallic Epoxy Flooring?

For metallic epoxy flooring, the quality of the finish is largely the result of the installer's artistic ability. In addition, the lighting within the space plays a large roll into the look and visible color spectrum displayed in the coating itself.

Our metallic floor coating systems typically incorporate a dark or black primer to help provide as much contrast as possible within the coat itself. Following the primer, metallic pigments are suspended and given ample opportunity to wet out in a clear binder resin.

Once applied, the metallic epoxy may be modified either mechanically or chemically to create unique decorative effects. Additional colors may also be incorporated to help accent the floor. Once cured, the metallic epoxy coat is sanded and top-coated with one of our performance urethane topcoats. Available in a gloss or satin finish, urethane topcoats provide for a highly durable wear surface and improved traction.

Metallic Flooring System Design


Pebble Stone Epoxy Design


What is Pebble Stone / River Rock Epoxy Flooring?

This unique flooring option combines natural pebble stones with high-quality epoxy resin to create a surface that is as durable as it is beautiful. Ideal for both interior and exterior applications, our Pebble Stone / River Rock Epoxy Flooring offers numerous benefits. It delivers a natural, organic aesthetic while being incredibly long-lasting and easy to maintain. This slip-resistant flooring solution is perfect for enhancing patios, driveways, walkways, and even indoor spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. Choose Pebble Stone / River Rock Epoxy Flooring for a durable, environmentally-friendly, and visually captivating alternative to traditional flooring options.

What is Epoxy Chip & Flake Flooring?

Snapper Epoxy’s chip & flake flooring systems combine quality blended vinyl flake with epoxy and polyaspartic coating to create a highly durable and visually pleasing floors. Ideal for all types of environments, epoxy flake floor coatings offer a custom finish that can be designed to suit spaces like garage floors, basement floors, showroom floors and many other applications. Available with either a lightly textured or completely smooth surface, seamless chip applications are easy to clean while offering excellent resistance to abrasion and long-term wear.

Epoxy Chip & Flake Flooring Design

Chip and Flake Epoxy

Revolutionize Your Spaces with Custom Epoxy and Hardwood Flooring in Chesterfield, MO

Are you seeking high-quality basement flooring near me or Chesterfield hardwood flooring options? Look no further than our superior custom epoxy flooring solutions. Based in Chesterfield, MO, our company has become synonymous with excellence and durability, servicing Chesterfield, Ballwin, Wildwood, Town and Country, Ellisville, Clarkson Valley and Manchester. From locker room flooring epoxy that withstands heavy foot traffic to beautifully designed basement solutions, we offer a wide variety of options tailored to our clients' unique needs. We're not just another flooring company, we're a team dedicated to transforming your spaces with aesthetics and functionality in mind. Discover the difference our custom epoxy flooring can make in your home or business today.

Call Today for your free estimate at 314-750-2381!

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